Multiple steel boilers for Dorset County Council

Four Ensbury LT 90 steel boilers from Hamworthy Heating have been selected for use in a dual purpose building owned by Dorset County Council.

Located in the heart of Christchurch, the building is occupied by the council’s adult education service and the Dorset Police Authority, acting as Christchurch Police Station.

Until recently the two separate facilities relied on one boiler house with two common boilers to serve both the education centre and police station. Yet with each occupant placing different demands on the shared heating arrangement, Dorset County Council took the decision to provide two separate boiler systems, while replacing the existing and increasingly inefficient boilers.

Working to detailed plans by local building services consultants, Mabey Francis, Watertite Heating Limited of Yeovil installed four of Hamworthy’s highly efficient, oil-fired, steel boilers, resulting in two separate heating systems in one common boiler room.

Malcolm Hunt, Senior Engineer at Mabey Francis, commented on the installation and specification of Hamworthy’s Ensbury LT 90 steel boilers: “In today’s climate, the need to have greater control over heating systems is essential to ensure maximum efficiencies. It was therefore only beneficial for Dorset County Council to split the heating system, to allow both the adult education service and police authority responsibility for its own heating requirements.

Hamworthy’s Ensbury LT boilers were selected for their size, capacity and the innovative low temperature management system, which is ideally suited for this unique project.”

Hamworthy’s Ensbury LT boiler range comprises 14 models with outputs from 70kW to 580kW, for use with fully modulating or high/low matched burners, delivering operating efficiencies up to 95 per cent nett  (86 per cent gross) at part load.   

Enabling return water temperature to reach as low as 15°C without condensing, and with no minimum flow rate, the steel boilers provide versatility in systems applications.

Ensbury LT boilers from Hamworthy feature a three-pass heat exchanger, which has been designed to reduce the level of NOx. With a range of low NOx matched burners the boilers achieve up to European Class 5 performance. The burner options give a choice of fuel; natural gas, LPG or oil, as selected for Dorset County Council. 

The thermal mass within the Ensbury boiler can accommodate fluctuating operating conditions, and with no minimum water flow requirement, eliminates the need for a shunt pump, simplifying the hydraulic system design. A high level of insulation also ensures very low standing losses at just 0.15 – 0.5 per cent.

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