Multi-task Drainage

ACO launches the versatile MultiDrain™ MD channel system

The innovative design of ACO’s new MultiDrain™ MD channel gives it the highest strength to weight ratio of any drain in its class. Capable of withstanding loads from Class A through to Load Class D, the lightweight MultiDrain MD not only increases the number of applications that can be covered by a single system it also includes a range of new features that improve on site handling, finish quality and installed performance – it is the first drain in this category to be available with a sloping invert. MultiDrain MD’s versatility is the result of a new, lightweight polymer concrete channel profile that includes integrated UltraSTEEL™ edge rails.

These work in combination with a range of gratings that are designed for specific Load Class applications. Ranging from cast iron, galvanised and stainless steel through to composite and brickslot, the gratings can be easily changed or removed for maintenance using ACO’s new Drainlock™ bar-less locking system. Once in place, a new anti-shunt surface between the edge rails and grating prevents any lateral movement.

The textured finish to the UltraSTEEL™ rails also adds to the installed stability by securing better adhesion with the surrounding substrate and wearing course of surface surface finish. There are two edge rail options: galvanised steel, supplied on the standard channel, and stainless steel, for applications that demand the highest durability and quality finish. The new ‘V’ profile of the base channel increases the flow speed of drained water, promoting self-cleaning and extending the intervals required between routine maintenance. It has a higher hydraulic capacity and is less prone to blockage due to the bar-less Drainlock system and its external profile improves stability and anchors the channel more securely into the concrete surround.

There are three sizes in MultiDrain MD range: M100D, M150D and M200D providing channel widths of 100mm, 150mm and 200mm respectfully. Available in 0.5 and 1.0 metre lengths, the end of each channel section is cast with a male/female connector that allows rapid installation and, with the use of an appropriate sealant, a watertight joint.

The M100D system is available with a level or sloping invert. The slope, which provides a 0.5% gradient (5mm per metre), improves surface water take off while enhancing the self cleaning properties of the ‘V’ channel. The M150D system is supplied with a constant depth invert between 210mm and 310mm while the M200D systems level invert is ranged between 265mm and 365mm. A full range of accessories accompany the launch of ACO MultiDrain MD. A multifunctional end cap enables channel closure or onward connection to outlet pipework; a compact, easy connection sump unit with silt bucket and triple lipped seals; an outfall universal gully, and, cross-footpath drainage units for the M100D system. All channels and accessories are CE marked, comply with BS EN 1433 and certified to Load Class D400. “Many contractors are familiar with our steel edged channel systems, their ease of use and installed performance have set the benchmark on a whole host of applications from carparks to pedestrian walkways to garage forecourts. The MultiDrain MD system enhances these benefits and now extends the range of applications,” explains Peter Ridgway, Market Development Director at ACO Technologies. “No other system available can match the rigorous testing and certification standards set by MultiDrain MD – it represents a significant step forward in the use of materials, hydraulic design and manufacturing techniques.”

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