Moss Side, Manchester

The A. Proctor Group of Blairgowrie has supplied two of their innovative thermal insulation products – Spacetherm F and Retrophix - to a project at Edith Avenue, Moss Side, Manchester, for Mosscare Homes.

The Architects, Bernard Taylor Partnership, wanted to use a product which had excellent thermal performance, however, as there were space limitations on some elevations, the thickness of the product was a crucial factor. The existing wall construction was a 9” solid brick, previously uninsulated. This existing wall achieved a u-value of 2.1W/m2K. The clients expressed a wish for this u-value to be improved to at least 0.3W/m2K.

The A. Proctor Group listened to the clients’ requirements, and were able to provide a bespoke solution using two of their products. In the downstairs room where dimensions were so tight that insulating traditionally would dramatically reduce the useable room space, the architects specified Spacetherm F. Using only 40mm of high performance Spacetherm insulation improved the u-value of the wall from 2.1W/m2K to only 0.27W/m2K, exceeding the clients’ minimum specification of 0.3W/m2K.

Spacetherm F is a laminate, comprising of a unique thermal insulation layer with an unbeatable thermal conductivity of only 0.013W/mK, bonded to Fermacell boards, to provide a robust, durable panel. The addition of an aluminium foil acts as an integrated vapour control layer to protect against condensation. Spacetherm boards are covered by a third party, BRE certificate – BRE APB007 and in some circumstances, projects may be eligible for CERT Funding, through British Gas.

The A. Proctor Group also supplied Retrophix to the upper floor of this project. As this room did not have the same space constraints as the ground floor, it was decided that the more economical, but thicker, Retrophix would be suitable. Retrophix boards comprise of the same Fermacell board as the Spacetherm, bonded to a high performance phenolic foam. Retrophix is installed onto battens, and due to a low emissivity foil on the rear face of the boards, this associated cavity has a thermal resistance of 0.644m2K/W and helps to improve the overall u-value.

An overall thickness of 60mm Retrophix improved the thermal performance at Moss Side from 2.1W/m2K to 0.29W/m2K, again, meeting the clients’ initial requirement.

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