More light? Less light? Better Light!

This is the second set of exhibitions by iGuzzini on the progress that is currently being made and can be seen in the science and art of lighting.

“Light-in-progress” 2009, explored the systemic approach in town lighting innovation. In that case, the main question was “how do we provide better lighting for less money?”. The lower cost was intended in economic and, above all, ecological terms: an effort that requires a different approach from all parties involved, that is to say, more lighting culture.

With “Light-in-progress” 2011, iGuzzini invites visitors to a 3D journey in Google Earth. Starting from the Turin's Venaria Reale and passing through Hamburg and L’Aquila to Beaune.

Four different international teams, made up of designers, architects and lighting designers, tell us about and guide us through their projects, giving practical examples of how they apply lighting in public urban areas.

It is a highly evocative virtual journey in which new lighting systems specially designed for those areas reveal technical and design innovations.

Maxi-screens project videos of interviews with the architects and designers, drawing the visitor into their very personal approach to the subject.

Better Light for a Better Life.

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