‘More Durable Powder Coatings Available Though Qualicoat’

By specifying ‘Qualicoat’ when requesting architectural powder coating, users can be guaranteed that they get the very best quality and consistency of coating which is available from the Qualicoat network of powder coat manufacturers, pre-treatment systems and applicators. There is a strong and growing membership of companies in the UK and Ireland who open themselves up to independent inspection of both materials and finishes in order to hold the ‘Qualicoat Label’.

The vast majority of powder coating undertaken in the UK and Ireland from Qualicoat members and independent powder coaters meet what is known under the Qualicoat Specification (12th edition) as ‘class 1’. These powders are high quality and offer excellent weathering and life expectancy, however, there are projects and situations where even higher durability coatings are required by the specifier.

Using ‘Qualicoat’ powder coating the method of pre-treatment and powder coat application is tightly monitored and the chances of coatings failing due to corrosion or adhesion during its expected life are virtually eliminated. All powder coatings, however, will age over time and using higher durability powders will ensure that the surface finish looks better for longer. Higher durability powders can be used on high rise applications, or other places where access could be difficult or where there is a particularly harsh environment.

Powders for architectural coatings fall into three basic classes:

Class 1       1 year ‘Florida’ - weather exposure
Class 2       3 year ‘Florida’ - weather exposure
Class 2       10 year ‘Florida’ - weather exposure

In class 1 the sample must retain at least 50% of its original gloss level at the end of the test, whereas for class 2 powders they must retain at least 75% and class 3 powders at least 90% over the same period of exposure. Colour variation over time is similarly more stringent on classes 2 and 3.

As a specifier, should higher quality finishes be required, contact a Qualicoat member and discuss the project in greater in detail. Pretreatment and powder application is virtually the same for classes 2 and 3, the only change is the formulation of the powder which uses enhanced resin systems and higher grade pigments and stabilisers.

Current news and information on architectural powder coating is frequently updated on the Qualicoat UK and Ireland website at www.qualicoatuki.org. The European website offers the complete specification which can be found at www.qualicoat.net. Printed literature and telephone support is available from Qualicoat UK & Ireland’s Head Office in Birmingham on 0121 601 6746.

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