Monodraught natural ventilation strategy helps Abercrombie primary become Derbyshire county council’s first ‘a’ rated building

Abercrombie Primary School in Chesterfield moved to a brand new site in September 2009 leaving behind a redbrick building that first opened for pupils in 1873. Among the many features purpose-designed for 220 pupils aged 3 to 11, was a Monodraught natural ventilation strategy, which was shown by the buildings Energy Performance Certificate calculation to have made a significant contribution to the school becoming Derbyshire County Council’s first ‘A’ rated building.

The Sola-boosts and other Monodraught equipment, which serve five classrooms, a hall, a quiet study area, a IT department and a kitchen, are linked to temperature and CO2 sensors within each of the spaces and are controlled by three Monodraught iNVent automatic control panels. In turn, the iNVent controllers are linked to the building’s BMS, enabling the natural ventilation system to be controlled from anywhere in the world.

The majority of Abercrombie School is naturally ventilated in order to provide a healthy, natural, controlled environment. As the environment in today’s classrooms has to cope with computers and other ‘heat-gain’ equipment, natural ventilation makes a vital contribution to the health and wellbeing of schoolchildren and staff, by ensuring that contaminated air and heat is expelled and replaced with fresh air. As natural ventilation systems are also naturally quiet, they eliminate the noise created by mechanical ventilation and therefore, remove another possible distraction for schoolchildren.

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