Monochrome with a shot of lime Parapan

Vibrantly coloured lime green Parapan® creates instant impact against a monochrome backdrop of Black Parapan® cupboards with white worktops and white walls. The kidney-shaped island, inspired by a dressing table, was made possible because of the unique properties of Parapan®. The high gloss acrylic is available in sheets which can be cut to any size and thermoformed into any radius of curve. In keeping with the trend for clean lines and sleek surfaces Parapan® can be fitted with invisible finger pulls or almost any style of handle.

Available in 21 up to the minute colours that run right the way through, Parapan® is UV stable and won’t fade. Waterproof and very repairable it is hygienic and easy to maintain making it dramatically more hard wearing than lacquers.

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