Monier Roofing launches self-welding, stretchable HVAC pipe wrap

WRAPTEC® is a universal, lead-free cladding and jacketing material for weatherproofing HVAC pipes, ducting and all types of insulation over any substrate. Unlike self-adhesive tapes, its backing self-welds to the facing, a lap of just 20 mm being required to provide an immediate, watertight bond.  Developed with the benefit of proven flashing technology and testing over many years, the material is fully recyclable and can be used at temperatures from -40 to +100°C. 

WRAPTECH’s flexibility and malleability enable it to provide an effective means of preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI) at the duct pipe. It needs no primer, adhesive, sealant, weld agent or heat activation and can be stretched by up to 50% in either direction without loss of functionality. When being positioned, initially it clings but does not stick, allowing corrections to be made to detailing work on bends, T-junctions and irregular surfaces. Labour costs are up to 50% less than those associated with conventional PIB or metal cladding solutions and, once installed, WRAPTEC is highly resistant to piercing and tearing. The polyisobutylene material can also be cut by knife or scissors so no specialist skills are needed. Rolls are available in anthracite and light grey, 4 widths from 70 – 560mm and rolls of 10m length.
For more information go to or call Mike Barsby on 07702 952087.

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