Moisture causes more than two thirds of floor failures

Ultra Floor wish to promote the importance of moisture testing – can you really afford to neglect this simple process?

Few are aware that more than two thirds of floor failures are caused by moisture, or more strictly speaking by not taking moisture into account.  This really is a surprising statistic considering that sub-floor preparation and floor coverings can be protected from moisture very easily.

If a substrate has not reached the required level of dryness before a floor covering is laid then residual  moisture held between the aggregate and cement (or other binder) will slowly be released, reaching the floor covering, adhesive and smoothing compound causing damage from beneath.

How do you determine when it is ‘safe’ to lay onto the substrate?

Testing the moisture of a substrate can be relatively straightforward, providing you know what you are assessing and have the appropriate equipment.  Ultra Floor presently have the capability to assess floors with a variety of test equipment to give results that are either in accordance with British Standards OR give indicative results.

Ultra Floor primarily recommend the use of a surface hygrometer as this is the British Standard and results can be provided confirmed in writing.  The other methods are only indicative tests.  When conducted accurately they do provide a relevant guidance.

If a moisture reading taken is greater than 75% RH then the substrate is considered wet.  Provided the substrate is suitable to receive a surface damp proof membrane then there is no need to panic -  DPM IT!

When substrates have a moisture level greater than 75% RH, OR if it is likely to during its lifetime, then the flooring systems can be protected by using a surface membrane prior to levelling and application of the floor covering.

Available from Ultra Floor, DPM IT one coat and DPM IT two coat are solvent free, two-part epoxy resin systems, which cure within 18-24 hours to provide a waterproof surface membrane. If time is of the essence Ultra Floor also supply an accelerator to greatly reduce the curing time.

The Ultra Floor technical team is available to offer advice on testing for moisture and relevant moisture tests.  They can also recommend the best course of action.

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