Mitsubshi Electric Adds Ventilation Expertise To Lossnay Sales

Mitsubishi Electric has appointed SK Sales Ltd as a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the company’s range of Lossnay heat recovery ventilation units.


SK Sales has been a specialist supplier to the heating and ventilation industry since 1989 and has an extensive network of fifteen branches across the UK, providing a one-stop-shop for its customers.


“Our founders have a background in the H&V contracting business so the whole operation is acutely aware of the importance of reliable suppliers and we are delighted to have added the impressive Lossnay system to our market offering,” commented Brian Taylor, Commercial Director for SK Sales.


The company has become renowned for its expertise in heating and ventilation with skilled technical staff, many of whom have had their own experience out in the contracting field.  SK Sales offers a free, next day delivery across its range of products and associated components.


Mitsubishi Electric’s Lossnay range of mechanical heat recovery ventilation systems are ideal for situations where fresh air needs to be provided in the most energy efficient way possible. Unlike many other ventilation systems, Lossnay recovers both sensible and latent heat which improves efficiency and comfort.


With stricter building regulations, modern buildings have become more airtight yet basic ventilation systems mean that all of the energy spent heating or cooling an interior is lost when fresh air from the outside is introduced. This is very inefficient as more energy has to be used to bring the incoming air to the desired internal temperature.

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