Maintenance made easy

VELOPA cycle stands are hardy products; and are designed to withstand the rigours of intensive use. As a result, very little continuous maintenance is required once they are installed. However, there are a few things that need to be checked annually to ensure the stands continue to function as expected.

What things do I need to check on a regular basis?


Check the stand is still secure

Nuts and bolts can work their way loose over time and therefore flanged stands need to be checked regularly to ensure that all fixings are secure. Ragged stands do not have fixings to check, but it is important to ensure that the foundations are stable and have not been damaged.


Check that the high visibility tape is still up to scratch

With intensive use, it is inevitable that the stands will get knocked and bumped as busy cyclists remove their vehicle from the stand. As a result, the high visibility tape, which is required to comply with DDA regulations, could get damaged.


My stainless steel stand looks like it's rusting! What’s wrong?

Don’t panic, the stainless steel is not rusting, but it might be stained. Staining occurs when dirt that has settled on the surface of the steel reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere. Cleaning and polishing the steel will remove the stains and restore the flawless finish that stainless steel is famous for.



The paint has been chipped, should I be worried?

No. All of AUTOPA’s cycle stands are galvanised as standard to ensure their longevity, so any paint chips might be unsightly, but they will not impact the structural integrity of the cycle stands.


I want to extend my cycle parking area. What should I do?

Call AUTOPA! Our experienced sales team will be able to guide you through the sales process and can even arrange for them to be installed.

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