Mighton’s new screwless Boston Hinge

Launched at GlassBuild 2007, Mighton’s new screwless Boston Hinge allows easy removal of sashes for cleaning and retouching with no need to get on a ladder. Fitting is also simpler - because it’s screw-less, it’s quicker to install sashes than with traditional 10-screw baton rod hinges so installers can fit more timber sash windows in a day, improving their margins.

The premium sash hardware specialist’s Boston Hinge needs no screws because it’s secured through the barrel of the hinge. It’s designed to allow the staff bead to be swung out of position giving access to the bottom sash so it can be easily tilted and removed. And in keeping with the look of a traditional timber sash, there’s a brass knob handle.

Mike Derham, Managing Director of Mighton Products, comments: “We launched the Boston Hinge at GlassBuild 2007 to a fantastic reception. It makes fitting sashes easier, quicker and safer – which means better margins.”

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