Mighton and OS Architects restore marble bathroom in £450k property

Mighton Products’ customer, OS Architects, recently renovated a property worth £450,000 in Nottinghamshire. The house had a loft conversion consisting of three new bathrooms, including one special marble bathroom. OS Architects will be restoring the timber sash windows as the renovation continues.

“The owners of the house decided they wanted to keep the original timber sash window in the marble bathroom,” explains Barry O’Sullivan, Owner of OS Architects. “We managed to restore it to its original condition using Mighton’s steel weights and pulleys and made it double glazed.

“Mighton is the only company I’ve found that provides steel weights at a reasonable price. They also fit perfectly into the sash box. We’ve been using Mighton’s products since we started to make double glazed sashes.”

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