Meta-Slate roofing chosen by Harland & Wolff

Meta-Slate is a lightweight, robust, secret fix metal roofing system that is quick and easy to install. Manufactured by Steadmans from 0.7mm galvanised coil with a matt polyester paint finish, BBA certified Meta-Slate roof sheets give the appearance of natural slate and are ideal for both new build and refurbishment applications - including flat to pitch conversions.

The Harland & Wolff offices are located in an aggressive marine environment and the old roof was prone to repeated storm damage so the Meta-Slate system was specified because it’s able to withstand much greater wind uplift than traditional tiles. “Maintenance was becoming increasingly expensive and so we decided that the building needed a new roof - but instead of re-roofing with traditional slates, we favoured the Meta-Slate option recommended by Abbey Roofing Specialists as it provides an economic way of weatherproofing whilst retaining the natural slate appearance,” said Michael Roleston, Harland & Wolff’s Health & Safety Officer.

Meta-Slate sheets are regularly embossed 300mm deep ‘continuous rows of slates’ supplied in lengths of up to 6 metres. The system’s unique sliding-joint plate system enables sheets to be joined together so that any length of roofing is achievable. The lightweight nature of the Meta-Slate system (6kg/m²) means less substructure is needed compared with traditional slate roofs. Purlins / rafters / roof trusses can be set at up to 1,000mm centres but 800mm centres are recommended.

A typical new build construction involves laying insulation and a vapour control layer followed by installing a starter-clip strip along the roof eaves to accept the first length of Meta-Slate which is locked onto the starter-clip strip and top-fixed using self-drilling screws. The unique sliding-joint plate system enables the row of slates to be continued until the length of roof is completed - any excess is cut off and the remainder used to start the next row of Meta-Slate.

Subsequent rows of Meta-Slate sheets are half-tile staggered to create a traditional hung tile effect and over-locked into the sheet below using a unique push-fit system. This ingenious design enables all screw fixings to be neatly hidden and ensures a weather-tight roof.

Meta-Slate can be supplied in other external colours and finishes subject to order quantity and a complete range of accessories is available including guttering, flashings and closures in various styles to complement the system.

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