Membrane is Key to Success

Providing a damp-proof system for walls, and allowing fast-track application, Plaster-Lath from Delta Membrane Systems is a straightforward membrane that provides a key for plaster, render or dab-fix.

This plastic membrane eliminates dampness, the effects of salts and contaminated backgrounds, and is guaranteed for 30 years.

The surface of the membrane has a meshed key permanently welded to provide a key for render, plaster, or dab-fixed plasterboard.

The dimpled design creates an air gap which insulates and allows for ventilation, and natural drying of the wall, while providing a dry, decorative finish internally.

Fixing is carried out using a special polypropylene plug at 250mm centres.

Dry lining can be fixed to Plaster-Lath by applying adhesive plaster dabs directly onto the fixings.

The air gap can be vented externally via an air vent, or internally using the PT-profile strips at the top and bottom of the system.

Supplied in 1.5m x 10m rolls, weighing-in at just 8.5kg per roll, the membrane offers a resistance to compression value of 80kN/m2. Tensile strength is 600N/60mm.

The membrane can be applied either vertically or horizontally, with a 100mm overlap required to ensure proper jointing.

Plaster-Lath is just one of a wide range of products offered by the company to overcome a variety of waterproofing solutions in roofs, walls and floors.

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