Meeting the deadline at yacht chandlery is plain sailing with f. Ball’s high performance products

F. Ball’s high performance products have enabled Border Flooring to successfully meet a tight deadline at Fox’s yacht chandlery in Ipswich.

The deadline was to complete flooring installation so that stock could be moved into the premises over the Christmas holidays. The problem was an existing powerfloated floor that hygrometer readings showed had a high moisture content.

The solution was to shot blast the floor surface to enable Styccobond F76 Waterproof Surface Membrane (WSM) to be applied. F76 is a one-coat WSM that prevents the passage of residual construction moisture in floors having a Relative Humidity of up to 92%. It is pigmented blue to aid coverage uniformity.

Then, after priming with undiluted Stopgap P131neoprene primer, Stopgap 200 Smooth acrylic floor smoothing underlayment was trowel-applied and then spike-rollered. Self-levelling and protein free, it combines an extended open time with rapid drying. This enabled ease of working with minimum delay to floorcovering installation - Stopgap 200 achieves walk on hardness in just two hours.

Border Flooring then secured some 1,000 m² Forbo Nairn vinyl sheet flooring with Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive adhesive. Solvent free, F46 dries to a tack film and when rolled with a pre-wetted roller, reduces the incidence of trowel serrations shadowing through thin vinyl.

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