McNicholas boosts efficiency by integrating 90% of supply chain

Leading construction service provider McNicholas has transformed its supply chain operation by removing 90% of paper invoices, with the help of Causeway’s Tradex eTrading solution. This also saves time and money and minimises queries by automating basic checks, improving visibility to suppliers and removing manual data re-keying.

McNicholas delivers a range of professional disciplines, working with a broad base of clients in the utilities, communications, renewables and rail markets. The company has been partnering with Causeway for many years, using the company’s software for many of its business processes.

By 2010, McNicholas was receiving thousands of paper invoices and therefore decided to adopt an electronic invoicing solution to increase efficiency and reduce costs. Now, more than 90% of McNicholas’ accounts payable suppliers are now using Causeway’s Tradex to submit their invoices to McNicholas.

“The key to this success was to follow the Causeway advice and be bold within a supportive framework,” recalled Finance Director Andrew Kerr. “Suppliers need to believe you’re serious about the implementation project. Actually explaining this position and being cooperative with our suppliers, rather than dictatorial, was integral to the process. We held open days and seminars and even had a helpline for suppliers, which was run in conjunction with the Tradex team. I recommend it to anybody. It’s certainly the way forward with a high volume of transactions,” he continued.

Tradex integrates very well with our finance package and really was the best route to go,” added IT Application and Development Manager Steve Payne. “It was the obvious choice to make, offering a flexible range of solutions to meet the specific needs of our suppliers, many of whom were already existing Tradex users. Tradex eliminates the need to print, handle and manually key in invoices, which reduces the amount of paper that both suppliers and McNicholas use,” he continued.

There are also plans to achieve even greater efficiencies with Tradex. “Having implemented invoices through Tradex, we will be looking at orders and start tying the two together to give us the real benefit of matching orders to invoices,” Andrew Kerr explained. “We are also talking to Causeway regarding Tradex supporting the automated matching of orders, invoices and, potentially, GRNs in the future. We are keen to achieve 100% adoption of Tradex amongst our suppliers,” he concluded.

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