McDonald’s Austria ‘sounds’ a lot better now

“Cosy lounges in the restaurant” – this is what McDonald’s Austria call their new McCafés, which are an inherent part of their modernisation campaign. For the new design of feel-good rooms, McDonald’s Austria trusts in Heradesign acoustic solutions in several restaurants. The eight new restaurant designs come from the famous French architect, Philippe Avanzi.

The designers have chosen the Heradesign acoustic solutions because of their fine and exceptional wood fibre appearance and the outstanding sound absorption values of the Heradesign panels that consist of wood wool, magnesite and water. Ursula Riegler, press spokeswoman of McDonald’s Austria, emphasises the excellent cooperation. “We have been cooperating very well with Heradesign throughout Europe for many years. Consistently high and reliable product standards as well as the very strong reliability as regards delivery make Heradesign an important partner for us.”

Completely new interior design

The new appearance of McDonald’s Austria is not only limited to high quality coffee specialities and delicious international and typical Austrian cakes. No, it’s about a lot more than that. Through a completely new interior design McDonald’s Austria aims to put the character of the restaurant in the foreground. Top quality materials and special colour schemes in Austria’s largest family restaurant encourage guests to stay longer: taking time for a good meal or a tasty coffee, this is what is important.

The new design leads to sales increases

“The new design is paying off; we are recording a clear increase in turnover in these restaurants, and our guests feel good”, explains Ursula Riegler. “And also Austria’s economy profits from this: in every redesign we try to work together with regional and local partners – from architects to electricians. This way our investments in Austria also create and protect jobs with our partners and suppliers”, stresses Riegler.

Not only McDonald’s guests love the acoustic solutions. Also the installers are enthusiastic about them. “I prefer installing Heradesign acoustic solutions a lot more than other materials. It is a clean product that can be installed really easily. You get the feel of it very quickly which makes handling even better. These solutions offer varied design options as well as extremely good looking results”, says Michael Hentsch from the company Katholnig. In other words: the feel-good ambience is already created upon installation.

The Austrian countryside plays its role

Guests at McDonald’s Austria can test for themselves at any time how the restaurants and McCafés “sound” with their new look – the acoustic solutions produced by Heradesign in Ferndorf have already been installed in McDonald’s restaurants, for example in Innsbruck and Klagenfurt. A very positive feature is that Heradesign uses exclusively high quality spruce wood from Carinthia – so the Austrian countryside contributes to the special atmosphere in the new McDonald’s restaurants.

“We are very glad and proud that our products are not only used in McDonald’s restaurants in Germany, Switzerland and Spain, but also provide a pleasant atmosphere here in Austria”, says Matthias Francke, General Manager of Heradesign.

Heradesign: Acoustic systems for feel-good rooms

Heradesign produces, develops and distributes high-class acoustic systems based on wood wool for ceilings and walls that excel by a unique, timeless design character and a multitude of creative options. The main fields of application involve education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities.

Thanks to the outstanding sound absorption values as well as the high quality and “warm” character of the wood wool structure, the Heradesign acoustic solutions make an essential contribution to the improvement of the ambience of a room. They increase well-being and, as a result, improve concentration, efficiency and performance.

Wood, magnesite and water make up the principal components of the Heradesign acoustic solutions – so they are harmless as regards building biology. Acoustics and design with a clear, “green conscience”!

Heradesign, headquartered in Ferndorf, Austria, has been a business unit of Knauf Insulation GmbH since 2007. The company has its roots in the Heraklith AG, to which the cult status of the products as well as the professional competence can be attributed. For further information, see

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