Marshalls has paved the Monopoly Board!

From Mayfair to Marylebone and Liverpool Street to Leicester Square, Marshalls, the UK’s leading hard landscaping company, has paved the way for better landscapes for some of the most prestigious landmarks in and around the London area and now Marshalls has launched its very own version of Monopoly.

Marshalls Monopoly’ shows clearly why Marshalls is the market leader in its industry, providing hard landscaping to all of the properties on the Monopoly board – so now you can work your way around the streets of London, stepping on some of the most beautiful and durable paving in the world.

Proud of its reputation as one of the finest suppliers of natural stone products, Marshalls has supplied hard landscaping products throughout the UK since the 1890s.  For almost 200 years Yorkstone in particular has been the nation’s favourite choice of paving stone.  With its outstanding technical properties, Yorkstone is laid in some of the most iconic sites around London such as Trafalgar Square and Whitehall as well as many properties on the Monopoly such as Oxford Street, Park Lane and Kings Cross Station.

The vast majority of Marshalls natural stone is sourced and manufactured from our quarries and factories in the foothills of the Pennines. The continued desire to have high quality UK produced products has resulted in Marshalls continuing to invest in machinery to service both the UK and overseas markets. Marshalls has the capability to produce in excess of 200,000m2 of Yorkstone paving and can easily service any natural stone paving scheme regardless of its size and complexity.

Marshalls continuously conduct rigorous screening to ensure that all its imported natural stone is manufactured and supplied to the highest ethical standards and Marshalls is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative and the UN Global Compact and has won many awards for its groundbreaking work in the area of sustainability.

Sustainability is not just about the environment, Marshalls believes that sustainability must be at the heart of its business and it must balance the social, the environmental and the economic.  Marshalls call this its triple bottom line:

  • Social progress which recognises the needs of everyone
  • Effective protection of the environment
  • Maintenance of stable levels of economic growth

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