Marshall-Tufflex is game for software contract

Four innovative products from cable management specialist Marshall-Tufflex have been used to great effect in a new-build office scheme in Warwickshire.


The three-storey building, in Southam, was developed to house an expanding developer/publisher of entertainment software and, as such, required power and data cable management systems that could handle high volumes of cabling effortlessly and neatly.

Marshall-Tufflex product, specified by consultants Greenway & Partners, of Leamington Spa, was used from floor to ceiling throughout the building:


  • Its Series 507 in-screed floor distribution system was installed on all three floors of the development, feeding power and data cabling around the building.  Cat 6 compliant Series 507 offers a range of boxes, fittings and plates produced from galvanised steel. The boxes are designed for installation in screed 60–65mmm deep and are fully adjustable for both box and trim height. Series 507 is designed to comply with  BS 4678 Part 2.
  • Marshall-Tufflex’s Sterling Twin Plus PVC-U trunking was specified to take power and data around the offices at below dado level. It is a high capacity system that is Cat 6 compliant, offering bends, angles and tees with a large bend radius of 50mm. For the Southam office project, Sterling Twin Plus was supplied with EMI shielding.
  • Power to individual workstations was provided by Marshall-Tufflex’s pre-wired power units. These desk modules offer a number of installation possibilities, including vertical and horizontal versions and desktop or within trunking modes. However, for the Southam scheme Marshall-Tufflex’s Specialised Applications Department delivered a solution that allowed the power units to sit underneath desks, a design feature requested by the client.
  • The final part of the jigsaw was completed by Marshall-Tufflex’s SnakeWay system, which was installed in ceilings to transport data cable around the offices. Snakeway is a hand bendable metal cable support system that is very easy to use – it offers up to 85% savings in installation  time when compared with other tray/bracket systems.

Newey and Eyre’s Coventry branch supplied the Marshall-Tufflex product, which was installed by National Electric and Engineering, based in Warwick.

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