Marshall-Tufflex GRP system for Shoreham Harbour gantries

Marshall-Tufflex’s corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) cable management trays, which are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, have been used to carry all power and lighting services to a brand new unloading station for Parker Steel at Shoreham Harbour in West Sussex.

Built on the wharf, the recently completed unloading station provides harbourside docking and storage facilities for steel, in large quantities, as it arrives aboard incoming ships.

With four 9m high x 120m long gantries plus cranes to power and suspended gantries to light, the mechanical and electrical services company, DW Electrical, needed cable trays for the entire length of the gantries that would not become corroded when in contact with sea spray.

Seeking an alternative to metal, DW Electrical chose Marshall-Tufflex's GRP cable management trays, which are corrosion resistant and equal in strength but up to 40% lighter than steel. They are therefore far easier to handle and can help to reduce the overall weight of heavy structures.

Approximately 500 linear metres of Marshall-Tufflex GRP cable tray was supplied for the installation by Kew Electrical’s Brighton branch, with all mechanical and electrical work completed by DW Electrical of Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.

In using Marshall Tufflex’s GRP cable management systems for the first time, Russell Gorringe of DW Electrical confirmed that the product performed to expectation: “It went in well and is a good product that meets the criteria we required. We shall use it again.”

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