Marshall-Tufflex breaks ground at T5

Passengers travelling through Heathrow’s new T5 building may not know it, but they are likely to have passed over bespoke Marshall-Tufflex stainless steel floor boxes delivering access to data and power supply systems vital for the safe and effective running of the airport.

Hundreds of the access units, which are built neatly and safely into the subfloor, have been installed within the terminal building. The lids of the units – some of which are lockable – sit flush with the floor and are designed to comply with Health and Safety legislation for pedestrian traffic.

Marshall-Tufflex product manager Chris Scott said: “There was nothing standard about this job apart from the logistics of managing the demanding timescales of a fast-track project.”

SPIE Matthew Hall, the contractor involved with the cable management solution for the in-screed service boxes, needed a supplier that could provide an ‘out of the box’ solution. Working closely with SPIE Matthew Hall and BAA, Marshall-Tufflex’s Specialised Applications Department collaborated on the design and production of the floor boxes in rectangular, round and square shapes, and in numerous sizes.

Mostly installed in the departure lounges (IDL squares) and connecting internal areas, the units were fabricated in heavy duty stainless steel designed to take higher point load than the standard range of boxes. Boxes had also to cope with wheeled traffic and be strong enough to protect the cables within. Importantly they had to be aesthetically appealing and visually compatible with the floor finishes of the terminal building.

In building the boxes to accommodate CAT 6 cabling, Marshall-Tufflex also had to make provision for the emerging CAT 7 and CAT 7A systems, which require greater headroom.

In addition, Marshall-Tufflex Sterling XL aluminum trunking, a large capacity, multi-compartment cable management containment system, is installed in the shops and offices of T5’s retail and commercial areas.

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