A very detailed technical manual that advises on the planning and application of the ultimate dry-construction board, Hydropanel, and is the third in a series of Hydropanel 4 Inside literature, has been launched by fibre cement cladding specialist Marley Eternit.

The 56-page A4 guide illustrates design details on how Hydropanel’s resistance to water, impact, fire (Class O performance) and noise transference makes it ideal for walls, ceilings and floors in the complete range of building and room types.

The manual also describes the product range, accessories, characteristics, technical properties and different surface qualities required for tiling, render, wallpapers and paint as well as joint treatment and fastening and finishing methods.

Drawings and tables provide a step-by-step guide on how the straight and bevelled edge versions are applied to metal stud and timber framed walls and ceilings and structural and floating floors. It also advises on cutting, processing, transport and storage, maintenance and cleaning as well as health and safety aspects.

Hydropanel 4 Inside literature includes a six-page A4 product overview for designers, installers and distributors and a 28-page A5 user manual for installers.

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