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Marks and Spencers is one of the UK’s leading retailers with over 21 million people visiting their stores each week. 'Plan A‘ is an ambitious concept with which Marks & Spencer has set new standards concerning ecology and social responsibility. All products in the portfolio as well as the materials to be used for construction measures must therefore meet criteria based on this concept. For this reason, Marks & Spencer chose nora® rubber floorings.

As early as in the 1950s, M&S had already started to produce their merchandise or had chosen only those suppliers who fulfil their strict requirements. Since then, the company has also taken care that processes, procedures, production methods and materials meet their high social, ethical, and ecological demands. Based on this tradition, the company developed the concept 'Plan A‘ aimed at specifically protecting mankind and environment.
The ambitious plan includes 100 different aspects to solve the five most important problems of our times in the next five years together with employees, customers, and suppliers: namely, reduction of CO2 emissions, reduction of waste volumes, protection of renewable raw materials, fair trade, and healthy diet.Plan A has been implemented since January 2007 and now forms the basis of all decisions in all departments of the company.
For its numerous new buildings, conversion and modernisation measures, M&S was thus looking for a flooring which meets the demanding criteria of Plan A with regard to ecology and sustainability, offers employees and customers a high level of walking comfort, is characterised by durability, long life and economic cleaning, and emphasises the individuality and exclusivity of the department stores.

The decision was made in favour of nora® rubber floorings in a unique design of norament® 925 grano which was especially created in cooperation with Marks & Spencer. This flooring offers a hammerblow surface and a fine scatter design and is suitable for highest loads.

As all other nora® rubber floorings, this creation is based on natural and industrial rubbers which are mixed with minerals from natural resources and further components, drawn into blanks, pressed and then vulcanised under heat and pressure. This process lends to nora®’s permanent resilient properties and wear-resistant surface.

nora® rubber floorings are available in more than 260 standard colours and numerous surfaces. They are extremely durable and resilient – even under very heavy use there is almost no sign of visable wear – as proven by numerous project examples. Furthermore, they are slip-resistant, foot-warm and combine a high level of walking comfort with an excellent footfall sound absorption.

nora® rubber floorings are classified as flame-retardant and do not contain any PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens (e.g. chlorine). In case of fire, no hydrochloric gas is released which might lead to caustic burns of the respiratory tract and might form hydrochloric acid in combination with fire fighting water.

Marks & Spencer decided to use norament® 925 grano in two colours: bright beige and black. More than 100,000 square metres have already been installed in shops all over Britain and Ireland. The black flooring has exclusively been used in their food halls where it highlights the colours of the food and their packaging by its mat surface. At the same time, it makes displays, trolleys and cash registers look like modern objects of art.

The bright flooring has been installed in non food areas, where in combination with walls, displays and shelves, it creates an atmosphere in which M&S can present the high-quality product range for demanding customers remaining true to its unique ecological standards.

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