Listone Giordano innovate with incredible teak decking

The importance of wooden flooring can’t be understated. It’s alluring, attractive, sustainable and lasts for an extremely long time. Engineered flooring is especially useful in that it increases a floor’s stability and can be laid over underfloor heating systems. How can it improve and expand upon architectural spaces?

Technical Info

Listone Giordano Marine is a two-layered flooring solution that utilises two layers of teak hardwood on top of multiple supporting layers of birch, to a 12.5mm thickness, which are glued and pressed together using high-performance marine adhesive, then checked via ultrasonic scans to confirm the product’s perfection and lifespan. Its longitudinal grooves on each board’s surface not only enhance the stability of the wood, but also ensure excellent non-slip performances in case of wet flooring.

One of the main issues with choosing decking for outdoor use is their safety and weather resistance. Marine’s grooves not only provide non-slip performance but the ‘OutNature’ finish – with its industrial application – was developed from the highly water and weather-resistant natural oils of teak, that nourishes the wood to continue protecting it through the board’s lifecycle.

Not content to leave the wood’s protectants solely down to teak’s natural oils, Marine excels demanding JAS type II requirements: both water submersion for 2 hours at 70°C, and 3-hour exposure to forced ventilation at 60°C in an industrial oven.

Setting the outdoor scene

Marine invites you to the Indian Peninsula with teak. This is a beautiful, natural hardwood, commonly used in landscaping projects and hardscape areas around swimming pools. It is no surprise that Listone Giordano have created a new, innovative decking material with such an aesthetically pleasing and versatile material, with the aim to be as beautiful and luxurious as indoor parquet, but with the flexibility of outdoor application.

In a response to different – and demanding – design needs, Marine embodies the luxurious aesthetic of refined, exclusive natural wood, promoting harmony with the outdoors. Commercial and residential properties alike will benefit from the wood’s longevity and safety, as one of the main issues with outdoor decking specification is the product’s safety credentials and weather resistance. Thanks to Listone Giordano’s thorough design process, Marine is suitable, and safe, in all weathers.

Enhancing luxurious interiors

Whilst the idea of decking seems perfect for the rugged and challenging nature of the outdoors, Listone Giordano Marine can also be used to enhance interiors and add sleek, contemporary and sustainable design to bathrooms, wetrooms, and creating a sense of continuity from balconies to living areas. Its heat and water resistance means that even steam and humidity cannot warp or stress the wood, confirming its suitability for any room.

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