Maps to get lost in

Usually a map would come in handy but don't rely on our firm favourites to get you anywhere. See below for an intriguing insight into worldwide flights, London landmarks, British bands and American dialects.

Top left:
Our friends at Arup have created a global flight path visualisation which gives a striking snapshot of how the world is connected. These stunning images map over 58,000 flight paths to track movement and identify major aviation hubs. Image mapped by Michael Markieta of Arup.

Top right:
East London artist Pello has created this typographical map of the UK showing where some of Britain's greatest bands originated from. We like it very much.

Middle left:
Maps can tell you so much, but few are able to capture the charisma of a city like this hand-drawn map of London. Illustration by Jenni Sparks / Photo: Mark Cocksedge

Bottom two pictures:
Tomato, tomato - we all know Americans speak in some strange accents, but have you ever wondered exactly who uses the term 'slaw'? No, we hadn't either, but these Dialect maps by Joshua Katz will give you an insight into 122 terms, including 'what do you call a box you bury a dead person in'. Fascinating and amusing in equal measure. Image hosted by RStudio.

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