Map shows the way for Voltis Home customers

Cutting energy bills for customers is boosting business for one Essex electrical contractor so impressed with the trial installation of a domestic voltage optimisation system that it has invested its own money in marketing the power saving solution to customers.

Map Contract Services, based in Woodford, installed a Marshall-Tufflex Voltis Home unit in the home of an employee to assess its performance, ease of installation etc. The optimiser proved straight-forward to install, taking less than an hour, and returned savings of more than 10% as soon as it was turned on.

MAP is now offering Voltis Home HD to all customers with a single phase electrical supply of up to 60Amps, both domestic, social housing and light commercial users. The company has invested in its own marketing material, backed up with information from Marshall-Tufflex, and already has a number of interested customers.

Company spokesman Jack Creed said: “We’re expanding the MAP portfolio to include ‘green’ solutions to help reduce customers’ energy bills and had heard about domestic voltage optimisers. We compared several systems on the market and selected Marshall-Tufflex’s Voltis Home as our preferred choice. The system is much like an isolator to install – it’s very simple and took less than an hour.”

Voltis Home is not the only domestic voltage optimiser on the market but it is the smartest, being the first ‘intelligent’ system available. It uses a transformer to step down voltage to a lower level. Pre-programmed control parameters enable it to self-manage, monitoring mains supply and domestic electricity demand. As appliances are switched on and off Voltis Home reacts accordingly to maximise savings. If the unit detects a problem with mains supply it switches into bypass mode and monitors mains until it returns to normal, at which point it returns to power saving mode. Voltis Home’s intelligent operation also means it goes into standby if no appliances are in use, for example when householders are on holiday. This ensures it is not running when it does not need to, delivering a further power saving. There is no need to maintain Voltis Home once installed – simply check its display to see what savings are being achieved.

The system is suitable for all single phase electrical loads of up to 60Amps. For domestic users electricity savings of up to 18%* are possible. This equates to as much as £150 per year for the average three-bed semi occupied by a family of four people, based on today’s average electricity prices.

“Anything that saves money is good,” said Mr Creed. “Our customers appreciate that, with rising energy prices, Voltis Home can take their bills down to a more manageable level, particularly when some are seeing an 18% increase in fuel bills and a potential saving of 18% from the optimiser. There’s also the benefit of the lower voltage prolonging the life of domestic equipment, which is an added bonus.”

Voltis Home is available in two versions – a standard unit for incoming voltages of up to 243Volts and an HD version for voltages of up to 253Volts. MAP has chosen to install only the HD version, regardless of incoming voltage. Hornchurch Electrical, Hornchurch, supplies the units.

*Based on tests completed on a range of domestic appliances

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