Manhole cover theft sending council’s funds down the drain – Ultracrete’s coverTEC can help!

Road users are being put at huge risk by the growing issue of manhole cover theft which is exposing them to the danger of severe accidents.

As the tough economic climate endures and the cost of metal continues to increase, ductile ironwork is easy metal picking for thieves looking to make a quick buck!

The spate of thefts across the country is becoming a burden for local authorities whose budgets are already stretched. Cash reserved for ongoing road maintenance is instead being used to replace stolen manhole covers and gullies.

According to the Express & Star, over 200 manhole covers have recently been stolen in the Dudley area over a period of just three weeks!  This is just one example of the scale of this type of crime which is endangering lives as well as using up limited council funds to repair the damage left behind.

A solution to this problem is to instead install Ultracrete’s coverTEC composite covers and frames. The covers meet all the requirements for installation in road and pedestrian areas but are made from glass fibre and resin thus have no scrap value. These lightweight covers offer a host of other benefits including single person removal and replacement and boast a high skid-resistant value of 60> PSRV, as well as a 15 year guarantee.

Ultracrete coverTEC is the ideal answer for problem areas, particularly those prone to theft, skid related accidents and heavy trafficking.

For further information on Ultracrete coverTEC Composite Covers please call 01827 871871 or email:  

Ultracrete is a brand of the Instarmac Group.

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