Manhole Cover Theft has Become an Epidemic – Ultracrete’s coverTEC can Help!

Metal theft in the UK, fuelled by the rising value of scrap metal, is costing the economy hundreds of thousands of pounds every year.

The police reported over 7,800  occurrences of metal theft in the Midlands last year, with Birmingham alone suffering over 900 incidents, costing the council huge expense when cash is already limited, and exposing drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians to the danger of a serious accident.

Manhole covers aren’t the only items on their shopping list. Gully grates, street signs and lead roof flashing are fervently sought after.

Manhole covers and gully grate thefts in particular, are becoming increasingly popular as metal thieves continue to blight communities. The scrap value for each unit weighs in at just £8 from metal dealers, but the cost to municipalities to have them replaced is 20-30 times as much.
A recent article in the Birmingham Mail told of an incident on Ox Leys Road near the popular Belfry Spa resort in Wishaw, where scores of drainage covers were pillaged overnight, leaving the road exposed and in a dangerous condition. Road cones were used to cover the voids which stretched over half a mile.

In Lincoln, the council has spent around £40,000 during the past 12 months  replacing 200 gully grates and manhole covers over 40 sites across the county.

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