Manchester Joint Hospitals

nora® rubber floorcoverings meet the highest demands in design and hygiene in Manchester Joint Hospitals. An amalgamation of Manchester Royal Infirmary with three neighbouring hospital units in the area has become one of the largest new hospital developments in Europe.

noraplan® signa was installed in the Children’s Hospital, Eye Hospital and St Mary’s Hospital for Women, finishing a visionary and modern development.

The ongoing regeneration of the centralised site has involved the extensive refurbishment of the existing hospital facilities which date back to the beginning of the 20th century. The Children’s Hospital alone, which opened on the 11th June 2009, is the largest children’s hospital in the UK with 371 beds and 135,000 patient visits each year.

The hospital was designed to maximise the use of natural light with a spacious and airy atrium, to create a much improved environment for patients and staff. The design characteristics of nora® floorcoverings were an ideal choice. With nearly 300 designs and colours, nora® floorings are visually appealing whilst effortlessly offering the extreme resilience and quality required of heavy duty floorcoverings.

Inlays were installed in the Children’s Hospital atrium thanks to the varied design and colour options made available by nora®. The inlays offer a colourful and imaginative addition to the already vibrant floorcoverings. The project was made even more outstanding with the installation of underfloor heating beneath nora® flooring, increasing the walking comfort for patients and staff.

As with all rubber floorcoverings of nora® flooring systems, this flooring is characterised by extraordinary durability, and has an easy to clean surface due to its highly dense vulcanised surface. nora® floorcoverings also have bacteriostatic properties, making them ideal for installations in hospital environments with stringent demands on infection control. nora® floorcoverings are resistant to surface disinfectants listed in the VAH disinfectant list. Hand disinfectants, urine, blood and chemical agents are also easy to remove from the floorcovering. Such qualities enable the floor surface to be cleaned quickly and economically; characteristics which are also well suited for heavily trafficked areas such as schools, universities, airports, offices, shops and many other demanding environments.

The floorcovering is also environmentally sound: with no PVC, whilst using sustainable raw materials, and maintaining a BREEAM ‘A’ Rating. In addition to these properties, the floorcoverings are warm under foot, combining a high level of walking comfort with an excellent footfall sound absorption. nora® floorcoverings are classified as flame retardant and do not contain any PVC, plasticisers or halogens. In case of fire, hydrochloric gas is not released. Hydrochloric gases can lead to caustic burns of the respiratory tract and form hydrochloric acid when combined with fire fighting water.

In sensitive health care applications it is generally acknowledged that architecture and design have an effect on the atmosphere of well-being which positively supports the healing process. The broad range of the nora® assortment provides numerous options for implementing creative and functional solutions. The innovative rubber floorcovering noraplan® signa, installed in this extraordinary project, uniquely offers an alternative for universal applications.

The range of 48 colours in total with discrete, high quality designs are based on a colour classification system of six different shade groups made up of eight gradings. The system is rounded off by a comprehensive range of accessories fully matched in colours and creates a variety of fantastic options for implementation in Manchester Joint Hospitals and elsewhere

Healthcare buildings have extremely complex requirements in terms of the design and function of flooring in the various applications. With over 60 years experience, nora® flooring systems are the specialists in providing solutions for healthcare environments, educational facilities and many other sectors worldwide.

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