Manage Costs With New Supertrak® Curtain Track

Construction Specialties (C/S) has launched a new Supertrak® cubicle curtain track to help contractors and maintenance teams save time and costs onsite.

Building on its innovative curtain hanging structure, C/S has developed a number of features, including a strengthened rod suspender and new 90° hockey stick bend, to provide facilities teams with a high performance product that is quicker and easier to install.

Andy Moul, Technical Manager, said; “Whether the cubicle curtain track is being installed in a hospital or leisure facility we know it is essential that downtime is kept to a minimum which means a quick and hassle free installation.

“With the new and improved Supertrak, the facilities can be back in use much quicker as the system is now faster and easier to install. For example, misalignment of the curtain track is a common issue faced by fitters. To create a curve they would have to bend sections of straight track into a 90° angle and often this wouldn’t line up with the rest of the track so a track liner would need to be incorporated. All these elements took time to fit.

“With our new 90° Hockey Stick the track liner is no longer required. It allows for complete integration between the curved and straight sections of track and eliminates any misalignment, reducing the installation time.

“We also wanted to prolong the durability of the system to reduce ongoing maintenance costs so we have improved the strength of the rod suspender (which attaches the track to the ceiling) by making it Ø9.5 thick. This also increases the safety of the track so it does not flex on use.”

To complete the upgrade of the Supertrak cubicle curtain track, C/S has also developed a new runner access button and wall bracket which now come as complete elements and require no assembly on site.
Used widely in hospitals, health centres, nursing homes, leisure centres and hotels around he world, Supertrak is an innovative design which offers a secure rigid structure with the flexibility of bespoke configuration to meet individual building needs.
Available in white or grey powder coat as standard, the Supertrack can be ordered in any British Standard, RAL or custom colour subject to quantity.

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