Makita launch pistol grip cordless drywall screwdrivers

·        14.4v and 18v Lithium-ion models
·        Lightweight and compact body design
·        4mm drywall screw maximum

Makita has introduced 14.4v and 18v versions of their latest design pistol-grip drywall screwdrivers. The weight saving and long runtime advantages of Lithium-ion battery technology are ideally suited to the high activity operating rates of drywall screwdrivers where as many as 75 screws may be required to fix one dry lining board. Recharge time for Makita Li-ion cells is just 22 minutes.  Keeping the screwdriver light, comfortable and easily manoeuvrable is essential and the latest Makita designs feature the best ergonomics and balance for all-day operation. The tools weigh 1.3kg and 1.4kg respectively

The new Makita BFS441 and BFS451 drywall screwdrivers have ¼” HEX drive shank and will drive up to 4mm diameter drywall screws. The drivers have variable speed control triggers comfortably located for operation when the tool is held in the pistol grip position. The body mouldings are especially designed to make this a comfortable handhold position. Both models will run up to 4,000rpm without load. The driver direction control is a finger-grip rotating collar switch on the nose of the drivers. A useful and robust belt hook is provided on the base of the tool to make it easy to hold in a tool belt

The new Makita drywall screwdrivers are available in either body-only form for tradesmen with existing battery stocks, or complete with fast charger and two 3.0Ah Li-ion cells

More information about the extensive Makita power tool range is available at

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