Makita introduce three-tier power tool accessory set range

·        TRADE, PRO and PRO-XL Sets
·        40 -120 piece sets across the range
·        Specific and useful multi-piece selections

Makita has designed a new and comprehensive range of useful power tool accessory sets and structured the range at three levels of user experience.  Within those three tiers is a wide variety of the most useful and popular accessories.

Specific attention has been taken to provide industry sizes for UK professionals and duplications of the most popular dimensions have been provided in some of the sets. Each set contains a balanced selection of sockets, screwdriver and drill bits while the high end kits also incorporate tape measures and sprit levels ensuring that a professional has everything they may need for the job.

Top of the range PRO-XL sets are carried in a robust, aluminium carry case. The 120-piece set has a list price of £110 plus vat. PRO-XL sets are also available in 70 and 40 piece sets.

The mid-range PRO sets are 60, 105 and 120 piece selections, in moulded carry cases with a strong, clear plastic front cover design, ranging in price from £34 to £56 plus vat.

The TRADE sets are 50, 75 and 100 piece sets ranging from £22 to £38 plus vat each in plain moulded cases.

The Makita accessory range is a blend of tried and trusted products, together with some valuable innovations, carefully selected for the demanding needs of the user.  More information about the full accessory range is available at

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