Makita Cordless Circular Saw Is Class Leader

·        66mm depth of cut is best in class
·        Left hand motor position
·        Features include fine base plate adjustment

The latest Makita BHS630 18v Lithium-ion circular saw, with a 165mm diameter blade, has a 66mm depth of cut which is the same as a saw with a 190mm blade and clearly makes this new saw the best in the 165mm class. This is achieved by a new housing design and having the drive shaft as low as possible to the base plate. The BHS630 also has the motor on the left side of the machine which gives a clear view of the cutting line and is suitable for either right or left handed operation.

The new Makita BHS630 cordless circular saw, powered by 18v Lithium-ion cells, has a 730watt motor that will run the blade up to 3,100rpm. This motor drives the gear train with the output shaft close to the base plate which is how the 165mm blade can cut 66mm deep into timber. At 45° the blade will cut 46mm deep. The proven Makita electric brake system stops the blade immediately the control trigger is released.

The base plate parallel adjustment is robust and allows fine adjustment of cutting angles. The rip fence is equally accurate and easy to position. Weighing just 3.5kg, and with the easy-grip main handle placed directly above the drive shaft, this is a well balanced saw with high manoeuvrability. The motor is mounted to the left hand side of the blade, the opposite side to other Makita saws in this category, but has the same layout as mains saws in the Makita range. This will make the transition from mains to cordless less difficult.

Additional features included in the new BHS630 circular saw are twin LED job-lights and a useful blower system that clears the work piece to enhance accuracy. Delivered either as machine-only, for those tradesmen with sufficient Makita 18v Li-ion cells, or as a complete kit in robust carry case with two batteries and new slim-line DC18RC charger – charging time 22 minutes – this new saw will prove popular for all site or shop woodwork operations.

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