MAKITA 18V LI-ION cordless planer has mains machine performance

·        82mm planning width, 2.0mm depth of cut
·        9mm rebate depth 28,000 cuts per minute
·        Weighs just 3.4kg with battery

Makita’s new 18v Lithium-ion cordless planer has the same performance as the 82mm mains machine in the range. This powerful cordless machine will plane off up to 2mm of material at each pass. The double sided blade drum will run up to 14,000 rpm without load which can give up to 28,000 cuts per minute. The two blades can be easily changed for service and sharpening varieties.  Depth of plane is accurately controlled by the fine adjustment knob at the front of the planer which adjusts in 0.01mm increments. This 82mm planning width machine has a maximum rebate depth of 9mm. The cutting blades are protected when not operating. As the planer is lifted clear of the material a small foot drops from the baseplate which acts as a stand to keep the blades off the material or bench surface protecting them from damage.

Weighing just 3.4kg, including the Li-ion cell, this planer is exceptionally well balanced.  The central top handgrip with softgrip-covering and control trigger is well positioned for accurate control of the machine in horizontal or vertical positions. A large exhaust connector on the right-hand side of the planer enables easy connection to a dust extraction unit to collect waste material during operation.

The Makita BKP180 cordless planer is available as a body-only unit for those carpenters who already have a number of 18v Makita Lithium-ion cells, or as a complete kit with charger and two 3.0Ah Li-ion cells. Recharge time is just 22 minutes.

More information about the extensive and comprehensive Makita Li-ion cordless range is available at

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