MAKING FIRE-DOORS FRIENDLY New technology from Royde & Tucker

SmoClo is a unique new development using innovative technology to overcome problems common with self-closing domestic fire doors. SmoClo improves the day-to-day quality of living and in an emergency, saves lives. This is a genuinely new product that ensures fire doors operate normally without having their integrity hindered, either by users ignorance or by sabotage.

Most residential fire doors are designed to self-close using a variety of continuously sprung devices. These cause constant and irritating shutting and slamming; are often unsafe and restrict easy access or exit. People get frustrated and annoyed with these mechanisms, which although intended to save lives frequently make life difficult. This is especially true when shopping or children are being carried, trolleys or prams need to get through and most notably, when occupants have a disability, are wheelchair bound, are frail or infirm. As a result, domestic fire doors are habitually sabotaged; fire extinguishers, waste bins or pot plants are used to hold the door open, wedging the door in the open position, or disabling the closer completely also occur. Such actions render the fire door useless in the event of an actual fire, greatly increasing the rate and spread of potentially fatal smoke, toxic gasses and fire throughout the building.

SmoClo is the result of extensive research into how to resolve the inconvenience of self-closing doors. It eliminates the situation in which the occupant will want to disable the door closer or prop the door open.

SmoClo has enormous benefits for many different groups of people in all types of housing and residential accommodation. For occupants, especially children and those with disabilities, it will make living easier. Smoclo is a concealed device that fits the top frame of the door. The sleeping mechanism is only triggered by a signal from the smoke detector or power cut, when this occurs the door is closed. The door can always be opened manually and once the smoke detector is switched off SmoClo reverts to its normal swing free function.

Because SmoClo is mains operated, with optional battery back-up, it is fail-safe. Importantly, it is essentially concealed, is tamper-resistant and maintenance-free.

SmoClo is being exhibited for the next 6 months at the Building Centre, Store Street, London, W1. Information is available from Royde & Tucker (Tel 0208 801 7717) or visit

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