Make Potholes a thing of the Past with Ultracrete Instant Road Repair®

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® is the perfect solution to repair damage caused by rapid temperature changes and breakdowns caused by drying out, cracking and road surface melting.

As Spain is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with millions of people visiting yearly, and with a population of over 46 million people, many of whom are car owners, it is crucial that any repairs to the six major Spanish highways are completed quickly and efficiently – without causing disruption.

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® is being used to solve these problems in Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Nigeria, New Zealand and all around the world. It is used in tough environments such as airport runways, including Gatwick, UK and Riga International Airport in Latvia. It’s proven durability and versatility means it is also suitable for railway stations, footpaths, driveways, restaurants, road construction, docks, public utilities, hotels, hospitals and school playgrounds, as well as for in-filling cable ducts, trenches, manhole surrounds and drains.

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® is a cold mix technology, developed over 30 years ago as an instant permanent repair for potholes and damaged asphalt. It requires no heating and is applied straight from the tub. It is suitable for use in all climates (including wet), in residential and community areas. Pothole repair material like this is always needed, no matter the time of year or climate – the Mediterranean weather poses no problems!

Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® requires minimal preparation and there is no need for mixing, priming or sealing. It can be compacted and trafficked immediately. It is environmentally friendly, as well as being cost and labour effective as only one visit is needed!

For further information on Ultracrete Instant Road Repair® or to sell this innovative product under license in your own territory, please contact the Instarmac Group plc, on +44(0) 1827 254451, email or visit

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