Major Environmental NGOs and Industry ask Government to 'join the 21st Century' and increase its solar ambition.

The solar industry has joined forces with WWF, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth to call on the Government to increase its solar ambitions in an advert in this week's New Statesman.  The one page advert - 'Don't Crush this Solar Revolution' - ends by asking readers to tell DECC Secretary of State Chris Huhne to 'Rethink solar and go for growth'.

 The REA and STA are working to strengthen the voice of the solar industry.   Howard Johns, Chair of the STA, will head up REA and STA's joint efforts.

 Howard Johns of REA member company Southern Solar and chairman of the Solar Trade Association said;
"This Government isn't taking solar seriously and that is completely unjustified.  Costs of solar are dropping as fast as oil costs are rising, and this technology could easily meet a third of UK electricity needs.  The UK's fledgling industry greatly welcomes the support of the major environmental NGOs to push back against the marginalisation of this incredibly important technology."

Alan Simpson, Sustainable Energy Adviser for FoE said;
“The cost of solar power is falling by the day and will pay its own way within the decade. What the UK needs is an energy transformation, not a new round of subsidies for old energy. The future lies in renewable power – not dirty fossil fuels or nuclear.”

Commenting on Greenpeace International research which shows solar PV could supply over 20% of the world's power by 2050, Dr Doug Parr, Chief Scientist at Greenpeace UK said;
"It makes no sense for Government to choose to marginalise a major global power source growth industry. We need more solar ambition to deliver green growth, and the UK jobs and industry that will go with it."

The advert, which is also backed by the NFU and CLA, as well as one of the UK's largest social housing providers Places for People, can be viewed online. The advert makes clear;

- solar's costs are coming down faster than any other energy technology and solar will match   
   grid electricity in price before 2020.
- the UK has the lowest solar ambitions of all major EU economies (less than 1% by 2020)
- the potential for tens of thousands of new green jobs and manufacturing opportunities in
  Cornwall, Wales and the North of England.

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