Maco specifiers get new support

Earlier this year, Tony Bymolen joined Maco as the new Specifications manager with the task of building up the relationships between key specification decision makers and the company. Now, with his feet firmly under the table, Tony is driving forward Tricoat, the company’s high corrosion resistance surface coating.

Tony, born in Rotterdam has been in the UK since he was ten years old, is a family man and has been married for a significant length of time. With interests that keep him active, he brings a stable and professional approach to his job following an initial career in engineering. He has spent a number of years in sales aimed at shop fitters and fabricators representing a decorative laminate importer, where he later moved across to working on the specification side of the operation. He explains that his role was calling on the architectural side of specification including housing associations, local authorities and corporates. Very much oriented toward the problem solving aspect, his approach to clients will benefit Maco in developing their core values and product range.

High on his current agenda is the promotion of Maco’s revolutionary TRICOAT surface which offers high levels of protection against corrosion. The finish has self-sealing properties that protect the underlying metal against physical damage caused by scratching or marking whilst repelling water and dirt.

TRICOAT’s high corrosion resistance makes it an ideal choice for rooms continually exposed to high humidity or chlorine vapour such as swimming pools and because of the reduced maintenance required it makes an excellent choice for windows and doors that are not easily accessible i.e. High rise buildings. The accredited test results - Tested to EN 1670 Class 5, show that MACO TRICOAT surface doubles the life of our standard silver chromate finish and comes with a 15 year guarantee against corrosion as standard.

The finish provides outstanding benefits for use in coastal areas, timbers containing tannic acid or acetylation treated systems such as Accoya, or in regions of industry which may suffer from increased chemical attacks, acids and alkalines. Available for a range of applications including Casements, Tilt Turn, Door Locks and Patio gearing.

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