Low-to-zero-carbon and renewables

Applied Energy - through its branded product ranges of Creda and Stiebel Eltron – wants to help the wider domestic heating industry of specifiers, developers, and installers to speed up the rate of change to the colour green. Low-to-zero-carbon technologies along with renewable domestic energy sources are here, now. The products are all available, as are the design and support services. Conserving existing energy sources and creating new ones are an urgent need.

“This is a major issue which affects all sectors within both private and social housing sectors – and everyone of us, as we all have an interest in the wellbeing of planet,” says Kevin Tolson for Applied Energy.

“Re-newable energy sources and current domestic fuel prices demand attention. We must make our domestic heating the most efficient and environmentally-kind as possible. There are verifiable figures which show that electric heating in the home is now approaching 20% cheaper than gas-fired systems”.

“It is possible – now – to have fully controllable and sustainable electric central heating with zonal control. Some figures also show that landlords – including those in both the private and social sectors - could be 50% better off with electric heating and hot water systems,” adds Mr Tolson.

One of the emerging product areas of increasing domestic heating efficiency is heat pumps -these products harvest and deliver useable energy from the air, water and ground – benefiting the environment, with minimal impact versus other forms of heating.

The ratio of heating energy-gained to energy-spent can yield as much as – 1 kWh electrical power to 5 kWh useable energy - even from a homeowner’s back garden!

There are three common models in this product arena – Air/Water; Brine/Water and Water/Water. The mechanics of the heat pump is simplicity itself – latent energy is withdrawn from the air, water or ground and transferred to a heat exchanger.

The Air/Water heat pump units are ideal when combined with solar heating, underfloor heating or wet radiator systems. The units can be fitted externally or internally and the powerful scroll compressor provides cost-effective heat all year round.

The Brine/Water heating system is designed for optimum use in detached houses and is available in four sizes. They are suitable for well installations, ground collectors and ground probes and internally, in cellars or utility rooms.

For the highest energy yield, the Water/Water heat pump is the most outstanding due to groundwater temperature remaining at a constant level, which is high for the heat pump – i.e. between 8 degrees C and 12 degrees C. When utilising this energy, the heat pump generates more than five parts heating energy from the one part input power. Groundwater in adequate quantity and quality together with two wells operating delivery and return functions, are both pre-requisites for installing Water/Water pump systems.

Both Stiebel Eltron and Applied Energy have extensive research and development programmes designing new products that reduce running costs and improve operating efficiency.

For more information on the Applied Energy and Stiebel Eltron heating systems contact Applied Energy on 08709 000450, alternatively visit www.applied-energy.com

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