Louis Vuitton’s glamorous floating shelves by Shopkit

Shopkit has recently completed an interesting installation in the ‘London Louis Vuitton Maison’, the company’s newly opened flagship store in Mayfair, designed by architect Pete Marino.

Shopkit was asked to come up with a secure and minimal solution to display a priceless collection of vintage traveling trunks taken from the Vuitton archives. As most of the trunks are well over 100 years old, with the oldest trunk dating back to 1876, they are to be protected within gold cage-like structure, affording no opportunity for wall fixings, so they would need to be suspended from the above decorative mirror polished stainless steel feature ceiling.

Also the finished display had to reflect the opulence of the store’s lavish 1500 square metre interior, conceived to resemble the home of a collector of the rare and the beautiful, and to give the appearance that the entire collection was floating in mid-air. This was no mean feat, as the support system would need to carry not only the combined weight of a metric ton.

Shopkit’s solution involved complicated hidden ceiling mounts fixed to the building’s structure which supported the network of 4mm diameter multi stranded stainless steel cables suspending the 14 mirror polished stainless steel shelves of different sizes and only 26mm thick.

The finished display successfully achieves its aim in presenting this beautiful collection in a glamorous and luxurious way, as they do now appear to be floating in a space that spans the 3 levels of the store, the shelves reflecting their surroundings and so do indeed appear virtually invisible, and the company have said how delighted they are with this part of their project.

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