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The design and specification for garage doors might seem like a monotonous subject for only the most enthusiastic of engineers or builders. But when you start to look at the materials, design and build quality of many of the garage doors currently on the market things start to get more interesting, particularly with regards to garage doors that offer outstanding security in ways that are not obvious to your average burglar. In this particular article, we are going to look in more detail at Garador’s Guardian Range, which are Secured by Design accredited garage doors.

Garador’s Guardian garage doors are one of the UK’s most popular high security garage doors, with a selection of extra security features that are not apparent to passers-by. Approved by the UK Police Flagship Initiative, the aim of Secured by Design is ultimately to encourage the design of products with improved physical security that will reduce the risk of crime and burglaries.


Your typical garage door is going to be constructed from steel, though there are of course styles of door out there that are principally constructed from steel but also have a visible element of PVC (poly vinyl chloride), timber or GRP (glass reinforced polyester), usually on the panel area of the garage door. Leading garage door manufacturer Garador currently offers all four materials, with a galvanised steel chassis that is used to give the door a solid structure and to mount the lifting gear onto.

Whilst PVC offers redeeming qualities in terms of its appearance and ability to match existing PVC windows and entrance doors on a home, it isn’t necessarily the most secure material of choice for a garage door. In addition, timber offer a natural quality to a property when used in a garage door that can only be found with real wood, and of course gives the impression of a premium product.

Steel however is the most popular material of choice for the vast majority of builders and specifiers when choosing a garage door, simply because it is strong and is not easily damaged, durable in its ability to stand up to the elements and of course comes at a reasonable price point when compared to other materials. Unsurprisingly, Garador have chosen steel as the material to use for their Guardian garage doors.


Garador offer extra security on some of their most popular steel up and over garage doors, without compromising on key safety features or the visual appearance of the door, which homeowners expect to be modern and attractive as a prerequisite. The steel doors included in the Guardian Range are the Carlton, Horizon and Salisbury up and over garage doors.

It is worth noting that Garador’s current range of up and over garage doors are already a really secure product, that will meet the needs of most homeowners. But on occasion, where there is a demand for something that goes above and beyond the call of duty! The Carlton, Horizon and Salisbury have been tested to STS 202 security technical specification, which specifies the required level of burglary resistance in the construction of the garage door from a range of attack tools.

So what does the design of a Guardian garage door encompass? Well it’s not just one thing, but rather a combination of security features which when combined, work together to create a very secure door.

The first is the additional back bracing on the inside of the door, which has been increased from two back braces to eight. Each brace is constructed from galvanised steel and is spot welded for a strong and long-lasting fabrication of the two pieces of metal. This makes it very difficult for a burglar to break through should they want to break-in through the garage door, as even if the outer skin of the door is compromised the extra bracing works as bars to stop any large objects passing through.

The second is the supplementary lock body protection, with the introduction of a reinforced metal plate to prevent attacks against the locking mechanism. So for burglars looking to prise apart or cut their way through the panel of the door to access the locking mechanism, this will now be incredibly difficult. Furthermore, there is no internal locking mechanism to unlock the garage door from the inside on the Guardian door range.

The third feature is the inclusion of a four point locking system, up from two points on a typical up and over garage door. This means there are more components to disable, to change the state of the door from the closed and locked position where the contents of the garage are secure, to the open position whereby a burglar could gain access.

The fourth and final feature is improved locking security, with additional steel plates added to the base corners of the garage door to protect the bottom locking system. These reinforced steel plates protect the locking rods and latches, preventing anyone from trying to prise the door upwards from underneath or to disconnect the latches on the locking system.

Build Quality

During the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, the vast majority of garage doors in the UK were manufactured using a predominantly handmade production technique. Rejection rates were higher and there were often greater variations in the quality of garage doors that were passed for sale. Today, things have improved substantially with the advent of a more machine based production process which is heavily automated and therefore equipped to deliver a higher standard of product more consistently. As a result, the build quality of all Garador garage doors has greatly improved, and that includes those in the Guardian range too.

A garage door is only as good as the components and materials it is constructed from. The vast majority of components are manufactured in-house or within the group to ensure that product and component quality is maintained at all times. The door itself is manufactured from high grade galvanised steel and all of the components used in the locking system, locking mechanism and gearing are all carefully sourced to ensure premium quality, with the locking rods themselves for example, being produced from galvanised mild steel, which is made in-house on an automated production line.

For canopy doors, the locking mechanism at the base incorporates a latch system, which is made from quality galvanised steel and uses a plastic latch which means there is not bare metal on bare metal, with resulting issues of wear and more maintenance over the long term. Another key component used to fasten the gearing to the door is the high-tensile strength hex screws; helping to keep the door strong key components fastened to the door.

To read more about Garador’s Secured by Design certified range, visit www.garador.co.uk or visit your nearest Garador stockist for a Garador brochure.

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