LogWIN saves energy costs at Historic Estates

Owners of Hever Castle have installed a LogWIN gasification boiler from Windhager for the Pavilion Restaurant as part of their commitment to becoming more environmentally friendly, replacing old equipment with more energy efficient solutions.

The historic castle was the childhood home to Anne Boleyn, second wife to King Henry VIII and later passed into ownership of Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves.

The 50kW LogWIN boiler has been installed as part of a £500,000 project to update the castle, restaurant, shop and residential buildings by using an environmentally friendly alternative to the old oil-fired and LPG boilers which had previously been providing heating and hot water at a cost of £100,000 per annum.

With the price of oil and gas expected to rise further, the owners have chosen to make the most of the surrounding woodland by installing the log gasification boiler, returning the castle to using its original method of heating using wood sourced from the grounds.

Consulting Engineers for the project, MCA Ltd, have been working with Hever Castle on a biomass district heating scheme for a number of years and specified the system from Windhager after being impressed when installing a Windhager boiler in a previous project. Michael Cade, Director at MCA explained, “ After researching competitors we chose to work with Windhager as the best overall in terms of price, service and quality products. We are extremely happy with the installation.”

Installed by Douch Partners Ltd, the boiler is situated in a boiler house at the back of the restaurant. Toby Douch at Douch Partners commented, “Windhager is well known for manufacturing the highest quality boilers available. The company’s heating engineer background means it has a good reputation for customer support and well-informed management which is so important as biomass is a relatively new technology.”

Windhager has also supplied a 30kW LogWIN boiler to Haddon Hall, a fortified medieval manor house dating from the 12th Century. Specified by current owner Lord Edward Manners after a recommendation of Windhager from a previous project, the boiler provides hot water to the private apartments in Haddon Hall, replacing the old solid fuel boiler which was beginning to leak.

The 350 hectares of woodland on the estate will provide a virtually free source of energy for the LogWIN which is situated in a boiler room under the private apartments.

LogWIN appliances are an economic and efficient method of supplying heating and hot water in a clean and environmentally sustainable way.  The LogWIN is the most technologically advanced in its class in terms of output ranges and efficiency, with maximum performance and cleaner burning ensured by the new down-firing technique.

Part of the new generation of wood gasification boilers, the LogWIN has the largest filling chamber in its class of up to 226 litres, ensuring longer burning times for a more convenient solution with longer maintenance intervals and simple fuel replenishment without having to relight the boiler. LogWIN has a corrosion resistant stainless steel combustion chamber and is provided with a 10 year warranty.

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