Llumar Enerlogic film

Solarshield are proud to announce the launch of the latest in the range of the Architectural all-seasons window films from Llumar

The Llumar Enerlogic stands for a new glass insulation technology that outsmarts the Sun to help You save energy, reduce costs, and increase comfort, all Year round!

The “Always on” technology gives you Year round energy savings and carbon emissions reductions, with the patent pending Super Low E coating, the film directs solar & radiant heat back to its source with an emissivity of 0,07 as well as UV reduction & is recommended by the Skin Cancer foundation, together with a 15 Year warranty when installed by Solarshield.

Attached is the full spec sheet of the Enerlogic all-seasons LEP 35 SRCDF This advanced technology takes the latest generation of high spec. clearview window films to a whole new level & Enerlogic provides unparalleled glass insulating capabilities, compared to other window films. It is described as “A Milestone in saving resources & costs.”

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