Listone Giordano’s Natural Genius Collection

Hardwood flooring holds a certain mystique, a tactile beauty that Listone Giordano takes to new heights; revolutionising engineered flooring layouts and traditional parquet practices. 

Listone Giordano’s Natural Genius Collection is all about the modernisation of classic wooden flooring design. This contemporary collection, from the pioneers of engineered wooden board technology and tongue and groove flooring, showcases the best of Italian design, collaborating with household names: Patricia Urquiola, Michele De Lucchi and Philippe Nigro to name a few.

The stunning laying patterns of Natural Genius are all about melding contemporary design and the time honoured wood craftsmanship that has always been a part of Listone Giordano’s ethos.

The sustainable provenance of Listone Giordano’s wooden flooring products is afforded high importance and all oak flooring is sourced from the company’s privately owned, sustainably managed forests. Listone Giordano has tripled the yield from their oak reserves over the last century, with the help of sustainable forestry practices; the company works in a range of natural materials including 600 year old, reclaimed teak.

ALL wooden flooring products are FSC & PEFC certified and can be specified as wall installations or with underfloor heating.

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