Lime Technology Adds To Range of Coloured Bagged Lime Mortars

Lime Technology has further enhanced its reputation as the UK’s leading developer and manufacturer of lime based building products by introducing eight new colours to the company’s extensive range of coloured pre-bagged mortars.

Manufactured at Lime Technology’s Oxfordshire-based blending plant, the 25kg pre-bagged coloured mortars offer all the benefits of Limetec® mortar such as exceptional durability, strength and consistency. With a huge range of colours to choose from – including eight new colours from Coleford Brown to Pentonville Black – clients and designers can now achieve an even greater aesthetic at any private or commercial construction project.

Ideal for new builds, Limetec® coloured mortars also deliver unrivalled design flexibility for the renovation and extension of historical buildings. Colours can be matched to unite any existing building’s mortar with new build extensions or repairs, helping to create a stunning visual finish for all forms of brickwork, blockwork and stonemasonry.

As well as improving aesthetics, Limetec® mortars also increase the lifespan of buildings and minimise environmental impact – in line with modern building regulations. By accommodating slight movements caused by settlement or thermal shock without cracking, these mortars enable unsightly expansion joints to be eliminated and helps to create unbroken sweeping brick, block or stone elevations.

Workable for up to 24 hours, the Limetec® mortar is unlike cement based mortar as its softer bond to the brick allows it to be easily removed and recycled. More porous

than cement, it has unrivalled breathability and instead of trapping water into buildings and causing water ingress, it allows a full vapour permeation that limits the risk of water damage to buildings.

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