Lightweight, durable and safe – composite covers saving you money...?

Ultracrete are set to launch a range of composite manhole covers for councils and utilities reeling from the losses associated with the theft of traditional ductile ironwork.

Ultracrete, as a known innovator in products, systems and solutions for the highway maintenance sector, are introducing their coverTEC range of pedestrian and road composite manhole covers and frames, as part of their ongoing campaign to aid the improvement of road safety and provide cost-effective, easy to use materials to prevent burgeoning  issues such as ductile ironwork theft, increased labour costs and the need for improved anti-skid measures.

Ductile ironwork theft is on the increase.  Local Authorities and Utilities are suffering the cost of ironwork replacement all over the country in a time where road repair budgets are already stretched to capacity.  It can cost councils up to £1500 on average to close a road to make a repair or replace missing covers.

An answer to this problem is the introduction of composite manhole covers and frames.  In a strategic partnership with SSC (Structural Science Composites) Ltd, Ultracrete now supply coverTEC – a range of BS EN 124 approved covers. The coverTEC system is the first system to be compliant with BS EN for carriageways, with the product exceeding performance requirements. Confidence in the product is illustrated by a 15 year guarantee. A composite cover, made from an advanced composite structure of glass fibre and resin, makes for a very lightweight, durable and safe alternative to ductile ironwork – and most importantly, has no scrap value.

Being lightweight, means a reduction in labour costs as the system allows single person removal and replacement – in comparison to the heavy lifting associated with heavy metal based covers. coverTEC covers also boast a high skid-resistant value of 60> PSRV, with its anti-skid surface pre-moulded into the cover’s design.

Lightweight, durable and safe – coverTEC manhole covers and frames are an ideal accompaniment to Ultracrete’s market leading range of highway maintenance materials, including their fully HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System, independently tested and certified by the BBA.  This full system includes bedding mortars, backfill concrete, bitumen sealants and BBA/HAPAS approved Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt concrete.

The renowned system includes Envirobed HA104®, a revolutionary cement-based bedding mortar that boasts all the characteristics of traditional resin-based materials but contains recycled glass.  It can be used in all weathers, even the rain, and means an end to hazardous waste disposal costs.

Ultracrete’s Instant Road Repair has recently been even further developed and has ‘enhanced workability’ – making the product easier to use in all weathers.

The entire reinstatement system means that traffic can get moving again within the hour – a perfect compliment to a lightweight composite cover and frame installation.

For further information on Ultracrete’s new coverTEC composite covers and frames, or any of their leading range of highway maintenance materials, please call now on +44(0)1827 871871, email or visit

ULTRACRETE is a brand of the Instarmac Group plc

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