Lighting scheme goes swimmingly at harlow pool

Harlow Leisurezone, a new state of the art sports and leisure centre earmarked as a training facility for the 2012 Olympics, has recently installed Sill Lighting’s high performance projectors to light the 25m swimming pool, training pool and spectator seating area.

The lighting scheme design solution for the new build leisure centre was to use a combination of uplighting and downlighting to achieve both efficiency and glare control.  The scheme also had to take into account the low reflectance values of the timber finishes of both the ceilings and walls. 

Mounted on specially made bespoke brackets either side of the swimming pool, are twenty back-to-back pairs of uplights and downlights. Sill’s 467 power plane projectors with 1000w metal halide lamps uplight the roof for illumination without veiling glare, whilst underneath, providing efficient, direct light are Sill’s dynamic curved 458 plane projectors with 400w metal halide lamps.  Both projectors are equipped with asymmetric reflectors for excellent uniformity and the bodies of luminaires are anti-chlorine coated. Emergency lamps have also been fitted to half of the direct projectors so that the facilities remain lit in the event of a power cut.

Global provider of professional, technical and management support services, AECOM, specified Sill for the lighting scheme due to its high-quality, efficient projectors. Damien Bathie-Neale from AECOM’s Building Engineering business in St Albans, Hertfordshire,  comments, “Sill Lighting’s high-end fittings ticked all the boxes when it came to the requirements of the scheme.”

The 458 and 467 plane projectors from Sill Lighting offer a high efficiency and long lamp lifespan due to the luminaires’ thermal engineering. The projectors are popular with lighting designers and architects and have been used in some of the world’s most prestigious buildings.

Both projectors have Si12 corrosion resistant die-cast aluminium housings with large heat dissipating cooling fins. The reflectors are made of 99.98% pure aluminium, chemically polished and anodised with a UV filtering toughened safety glass sealed by a silicone gasket.

Built as part of the £50 million Harlow Gateway Project which is providing homes, leisure and lifestyle opportunities for residents of Harlow, the £25 million leisure centre is operated by Harlow and District Sports Trust, an independent and registered charitable trust with the objective to provide exceptional sport and leisure for the people of Harlow and district.

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