Lighting Design that Bends the Rules

Spectral’s H-Profil mounting system is the luminaire of choice for lighting designers, architects and artists looking create schemes that are not bound by the limitations of building shape, colour, size or convention. The revolutionary universal tracking system can be adapted using straight, curved or round shapes to follow either the contours of a room or to function as a stand-alone feature or centre piece.

At the heart of the system is the characteristic H-shaped profile track which can be suspended to any length using steel wires, finished in any colour and shaped to your bespoke requirements. The tracking can then be fitted with a wide range of freely selectable components, ranging from highly complex wall washers and LED spots, through to fluorescent lamps with louvers, or prismatic panels to reduce glare and decorative glass inserts. A large range of powerful LED options has also been added to provide a wide range of outputs for designers. In short, a lighting system without limitation.

“The new H-Profil system has found a home in a wide variety of applications due to its versatility,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director at Spectral UK. “We’ve seen it installed in large public spaces as it can be moulded to any space with light sources placed wherever they are required. There has been an abundance of circular formations crafted recently which we have studded with LED fittings, these work particularly well as feature pieces with an LOR and efficiency to match.”

H-Profil is an iF Award winning concept and is specially manufactured at the RIDI factory to each individual project requirement. Bespoke designs are easily accommodated and single or multiple quantities catered for.

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