Light + Glass = KILOLUX®

KILOLUX® is manufactured by an innovative and patented process that uses heat to thermally bond glass creating a monolithic glass block. KiloLux has a high compressive strength and good resistance to weathering and thermal shock.

KiloLux can be assembled and bonded in a variety of different ways, depending on the particular function required in a facade or a wall.

iGP can provide a variety of solutions for differing applications of this product and even install if required.

KiloLux is usually made of soda lime glass and designed for architectural application. It has good resistance to chemical and environmental degradation.

KiloLux has been independently tested for freeze thaw and thermal shock/ solar shading. As a product, it is suitable for most internal and external applications, however, like all glazing products the glazing method deployed for bonding to itself and to a structure is of crucial importance. IGP has developed various solutions for both internal and external applications and can provide consultancy for specific applications.

KiloLux is a bespoke product and can be manufactured to your specifications. KiloLux can be bent to accommodate curves, and made in shapes.

KiloLux can be coloured.

 KiloLux can be secondarily processed, using an abrasive water jet, sandblast engraving and acid etching.

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